916 to the 818.Youngin with an old soul. CSUN. Back on this Tumblr shit like I never left.

I’m gonna have to keep this steady flow of income coming in. There’s a lot I need to invest in. Getting settled in a new crib by the end of this month. Getting a whip. Getting a new and better DSLR that shoots video as well. When I can really start investing in my own equipment, I can really start working on my craft. Building myself as a brand. These things are not attainable without the proper funds so I guess the grind must continue for now.

Heart. Honor. Respect. #HiiiPower




Sometimes, to help myself not get angry at the ignorance on here, I tell myself “they’ll grow up and realize how stupid they are” but then it dawns on me that a shit load of these people are old enough to know better, and they aren’t going to change, and….I don’t wanna live on this planet any more.

I experience this every morning


I can’t deal with this…



Shoutout to the thick girls who are also thick in the arms and belly and everywhere else that isn’t considered as sexy.

Thick bellies and arms and thighs and side rolls…all of that can be so sexy. Don’t let anyone tell you your body isn’t desirable.

You are one sexy beast and your body should be celebrated.

Til this day I have yet to approach my Dad about my Afro-Panamanian culture and my biological grandmother. He doesn’t know that I know the truth yet I feel like there is a strong reason why he hasn’t mentioned it me. Idk if it might stir some tension within the family or bring about bad memories so I’m hesitant to even speak to him about it. Idk what to do. But my lack of knowledge of my TRUE family culture is killing me 😟

Keep it player at all times